2022 million Xbox accounts suspended in first half of 4,8

The 'Xbox Transparency Report' reveals the scale of the platform owner's enforcement action. Many violating Xbox accounts suspended for different reasons in the first half of this year

Microsoft has announced that it is "proactively" suspending up to 2022 million Xbox user accounts in the first six months of 4,78. (Proactive: taking the initiative to intervene in any situation)

The data is the company's first release, released Monday to highlight the steps the platform owner has taken by moderating content to create a safer environment for gamers. Included in the “Xbox Transparency Report”.

According to Microsoft, it took a total of 1 million sanctions actions between January 30 and June 7.126 this year.

Account suspensions alone accounted for 4,5 million (63%) of all sanctions, a total of 196.000 (3%) content removals, and 2,43 million (34%) both account suspensions and content removals.

In terms of enforcement by policy area, Microsoft said cheating/untrue accounts prior to adult sexual content (199.000), fraud (87.000), harassment or bullying (54.000), profanity (46.000), phishing (26.000) were responsible for 4.33 million sanctions. . ) and “other” (23.000), a category that includes “small volume domains such as hacking, account tampering, real-world concerns, drugs, obscene content, hate speech, spam, advertising or solicitation.”

About two-thirds of the sanctions imposed in the first half of 2022 were the result of proactive detection, Microsoft said. A third of the sanctions were made in response to player reports that Microsoft received 33.08 million in the six-month period.

Negative communications from other players were behind 46% of user reports and ahead of complaints about player behavior (43%) and user-generated content (11%).

Microsoft said the total number of player reports in the first half of the year fell significantly from 2021 million in the second half of 41,83 to 52,05 million in the first half of last year.

Xbox's appeals process allows players to learn more about the sanctions they have received and to appeal them. Of the 151.000 cases reviewed after appeals in the first half of the year, only 6,5% of enforcement cases were overturned.

Microsoft said: “With this inaugural Xbox Transparency Report, our goal is to share more with you about the wide range of actions the Xbox team is taking to moderate content on our platform and create safer experiences. As an important part of our growth, we expect this report to evolve over time as we learn, iterate, incorporate feedback, and make improvements.

“Our proactive moderation, which has increased 9x compared to the same period last year, allows us to catch negative content and behavior before it reaches players. We continue to invest and improve our technology so that players can have safe, positive and inviting experiences.”

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