Another New Game Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Marvel's Avengers will make its way to Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and cloud.

In addition to the base game, every piece of DLC is included. Best of all, Xbox fans who are hesitant to try the game won't have to wait long. The game joins Game Pass on Thursday, September 30.

Currently, the most important content from Marvel's Avengers consists of its main campaign, the Operations story missions that introduced Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, and the recently released War for Wakanda expansion, which added Black Panther and an all-new map. This also includes smaller updates and existing cosmetics apart from the eight cosmetic items in the digital-only Endgame Edition (though you can still purchase the upgrade to this version for $20). Those playing on Xbox Series X/S will benefit from optimization features in the form of faster load times and higher frame rates. To kick off newcomers on the right foot and with a big advantage, a Quad XP event kicks off on September 30 that rewards players with quadruple experience points while playing until October 4 (this is for all versions of the game).

While Marvel's Avengers had some good ideas, namely a strong narrative campaign, the game had a tough time removing the negative stigma around it, thanks to its unsuitable live-service structure and a drip feed of new heroes/content. Developer Crystal Dynamics recently revealed its content roadmap for the rest of the year, which includes the arrival of Spider-Man (a character exclusive to PlayStation), a power level cap increase, and the launch of the game's first foray.


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