Xbox Live Gold: September free games announced

It's mid-September, which means there are more free games you can claim in the Xbox Store if you have a Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold membership. The revamped list includes Double Kick Heroes and Portal 360, the last free Xbox 2 game available through the program. Gods Will Fall will also be available throughout September.

As a reminder, this will be the last month for the original Xbox and Xbox 360 free games in the Games with Gold program. However, keep in mind that even if your Xbox Live Gold subscription expires, you can keep all the backwards compatible games you've ever requested. That means Portal 2 will be kept free, which is pretty cool.

Portal 2became the star of the list in September. The tricky shooter game is considered one of the best games of its era. Portal's sequel greatly expands upon the original's already brilliant base game. With a story mode roughly twice the length of the first game, Portal 2 has added some seriously cool mechanics to it. If you've never played Portal 2, do yourself a favor and check out the game next month. It even has a separate co-op mode where you can play with a friend. Portal 2 will be free in the second half of September.

We started September's Xbox One games with classics that are backwards compatible because they're a little more exciting. Subscribers all month long, an action game released last year. Gods will fallthey can request. In the game you play as a Celtic warrior fighting against countless gods who control the world. Gods Will Fall offers an interesting spin on the roguelike genre and has tough fights in its story, so it's worth checking out if you like this type of action game.

Rhythm game fans are up for grabs starting September 16 Double kick heroesThey can wait for .. This side scrolling action game features musical instruments as weapons to fend off hordes of zombies. There are 24 levels with heavy metal music that you can work on. The soundtrack includes a handful of licensed tracks, and you can make your own with the included level editor.

If you say, "Brother, don't make a fuss about me, I already know the games, just give me the list and dates", let's take you down.

Xbox Live Gold Games September 2022

Xbox Live Gold
  • Gods Will Fall (September 1-30)
  • Double Kick Heroes (September 16 to October 15)
  • Thrillville (September 1-15)
  • Portal 2 (September 16-30)

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