2K Games has released a new Gameplay video for The Quarry!

2K Games has released a new gameplay trailer for the new horror game The Quarry. In this 30-minute gameplay video taken from the game's prologue, we see Laura (Siobhan Williams) and her boyfriend Max (Skyler Gisondo) visit a camp at night. What a great idea… absolutely nothing will go wrong.

Obviously, things are going badly and you'll want to watch the full gameplay video below to see how it plays out. Or if you plan to avoid spoilers about The Quarry, skip this video altogether.

We can't include The Quarry's published 30-minute gameplay video in our news due to age restrictions, but don't worry, there is a 30-minute video. here you can reach!

The Quarry tells the story of the last day of summer camp, when a group of young counselors at Hackett's Quarry camp host a party. This fearful fate will turn into a blood-soaked evening. Until dawn, players will make choices to determine what happens to each of the nine camp counselors. Any character can die.

The Quarry also offers an online game by inviting your friend to the session, where they can watch the action in the game and vote on certain decisions. New screenshots from The Quarry have also been released; Take a look at the screenshots below.

The game features Williams and Gisondo, as well as other celebrities such as David Arquette, Ariel Winter, Brenda Song, and Justice Smith. The full staff is listed below.

The Quarry is due out for PlayStation 10, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on June 5.

What do you guys think of The Quarry? Don't forget to share your comments with us!


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