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PUBG: Halloween Battle Royale Released for Battlegrounds!

The Halloween event for PUBG: Battlegrounds is back! After jumping off the “Ghost Ship,” you enter a spooky Erangel where you must battle to loot the land of the dead, forge terrifying weapons, grow stronger, and become the last team standing.

Interestingly, PUBG: Battlegrounds Halloween mode will be removed until the actual Halloween. Halloween Battle Royale will only be available from now until midnight UK time (10PM PT) on October 5th. Players will be free to create the team they prefer, such as a team with one player from each class or a team consisting only of Pyromancers, the choice is yours.

However, remember that each class needs its own special materials to get stronger! Therefore, it is efficient to share loot between different classes, but it is clearly not best to share the loot you will need if your team consists of four Executioners.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Halloween

You will also be able to choose your preferred weapon from two options, but you can switch between them at each upgrade stage. You can play the Halloween update on the Erangel map now. Just go to Arcade. The mode supports 100 players (80 teams of four) versus the usual 20, and matchmaking will be available and you can only play in third-person perspective.

Unfortunately, any spooky wins will not be added to your match history, career sheet or XP. To celebrate its sixth anniversary, PUBG: Battlegrounds has released a little infographic that summarizes exactly what we've all been up to over the last six years. This includes the news that the free battle royale game has already reached more than 150,7 million players.

This amounts to a whopping 242 billion hours played on PC and consoles by gamers living in 16,3 different countries.

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