Among Us will be released on PlayStation and Xbox on December 14 with a game ad

The widely played space-based sabotage simulator Among Us is finally coming to PS14, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on December 5. The game will also be added to the rapidly growing catalog of games available on Xbox Game. Players will be allowed to play cross-platform across multiple platforms.

The news was announced through developer Innersloth's individual blog posts on both the Xbox and PlayStation blogs. The PS blog post also says that crossplay will be supported in multiplayer lobbies with four to 15 players.

The Among Us special editions store page says "cross-platform play" will be an additional feature, allowing players to play between PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Cross-play is a feature listed on the Among Us store page and in the PlayStation blog announcement, but it's not yet 100 percent confirmed that the feature will be implemented on consoles on the day of release.

An Innersloth blog post also shared details of physical retail copies of the game, including two different special editions. The standard physical game, called the Crewmate Edition, will sell for $30. Release dates will depend on region:

14 December 2021 for UK and Europe

December 16, 2021 for Japan and South Korea

January 11, 2022 for USA, Canada and Latin America

The Impostor Edition will be released in spring 2022 for $50 and will include the base game plus all DLC items and various artworks, including a purple plush teammate, an enamel pin and other collectibles.


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