Five years later, No Man's Sky received positive reviews on Steam.

It's not entirely wrong to say that No Man's Sky had a hard landing. But after five years of free, major updates, Steam reviews of the game finally show that No Man's Sky is actually a good game.

While we hate to admit it, Steam reviews can have a huge impact on your first impression of a game. After years of “Mixed” reviews, Hello Games founder Sean Murray shared the news yesterday that No Man's Sky has finally crossed the “Mostly Positive” threshold, meaning at least 70% of Steam reviews rated the game positively.

It's hard to fathom how hostile the reaction was at the launch of No Man's Sky, developer
His reputation was tarnished after he was accused of cheating on fans with an unfinished game. Because of this reputation, the game took 5 years to reach positive consensus, despite years of major updates that fundamentally reimagined what No Man's Sky could be.


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