Dislyte Will Launch Open Beta Testing On May 10!

Dislyte, the newest product from AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms developer Lilith Games, will begin open beta testing on both iOS and Android on May 10.

Powerful beings based on mythological gods such as Anubis, Odin and Medusa gather around Espers. Players will form a team of five Espers and use them to fight powerful and giant monsters to defeat a fearsome entity known as Miramon.

Players can also take their Espers team to an online arena to battle other players for extra rewards, and also allow battles to play automatically even when the app is minimized, allowing players to progress through the game even when not actively playing.

Despite its reference to mythological gods, Dislyte's world integrates today's world of music and fashion into the game, with character designs combining techno-pop music and aspects of the cultures they refer to. (Chinese, Scandinavian, Egyptian, and others) It presents cultures with a more modern style and appearance.

Dislyte is both in open beta starting May 10. iOS as well as Android will be available on devices. Gamers picture of the game on website can pre-register and earn additional rewards.


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