Evil Geniuses and Knights qualify for VCT NA Challengers 1

Evil Geniuses and Knights took the top two spots in Saturday's second VCT open qualifier, VALORANT Champions Tour NA Challengers 1. After XSET, The Guard, Version1 and NRG Esports top four teams qualified in the first open qualifier, EG and Knights are now joining them in VCT Challengers 1.

The first team to qualify for this new entry is Evil Geniuses. Their matchups featured top teams from 1, including FaZe Clan, T2021, TSM, and Rise Gaming. However, weak team Ghost Gaming upset both FaZe Clan and TSM on their way to EG. Then they sent EG to the lower bracket. Along with another match that knocked T1 into the losers group, this left Rise as EG's last fight. They achieved a 1-2 win over Rise in the upper group to qualify for Challengers 1. EG's standout player was Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond, who took the lead in their match against Rise. Now, they will need to take that mentality with them and face the best teams NA has to offer.

The next undefeated team was the Knights. Entering these Challengers 1 qualifiers, this team has made big waves in small competitions. On their first try, they lost to NRG Esports in the Challengers 1's first qualifier.

Now, the Knights have a chance to face NRG, the team that knocked them out. They will be the new teams joining the top of the VCT NA scene along with Evil Geniuses.


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