Golden Joystick Awards celebrate 50 years of games this November

The Golden Joystick Awards are back for another virtual show and will focus on the game's 50th anniversary.

The awards ceremony will once again be virtual and will include two brand new categories as part of our celebration of 50 years of games: Best Game of All Time and Best Gaming Gear of All Time.

Pretty big prizes, right? here it is sen The Golden Joystick Awards are voted by fans, so they also have a say in the usual categories - to come. Like Most Wanted, Best Studio and Best Storytellers to name a few – you'll be Voting for the gear and game you're considering has risen above the rest over the past fifty years. No pressure.

Daniel Dawkins, Director of Games and Film Content, explains, “At this important moment for the games industry and the Golden Joystick Awards, we invite gamers to celebrate '50 Years of Gaming' with us. The world's first commercially available video game: Computer Space, released in November 1971. As the first coin-operated arcade machine, it represented the first time a video game was played for money: the birth of video games as a commercial industry.”

Voting for this year's awards will begin in October, when we will announce all categories along with the nominees for this year's awards. Then you can see which games, studios, and developers will take home the prizes on Tuesday, November 23. Be sure to come back to GamesRadar for more details on how to watch this year's Golden Joystick Awards.

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