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Jahrein breaks 40.000 subscriber record

Jahrein broke the record of 40.000 subscribers! Twitch Ahmet SONUC, owner of Jahrein channel in Turkey, is 34 years old. He plays many games on his channel. On average, he broadcasts every day, plays games with his viewers, chats when appropriate, and comments on current events when appropriate. When we look at the number of followers now 1,8M If the number of subscribers 40.000is past .

Jahrein broke the record of 40.000 subscribers!

This figure makes him Twitch's 40K record holder. Our congratulations to Jahrein and his team.

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Who is Ahmet 'Jahrein' Conclusion?

Jahrein, whose real name is Ahmet Result, was born in Istanbul in 1988. He completed his high school education in Antalya Anatolian High School. After high school, he went to Germany and graduated from Uni-Leipzig with a degree in molecular physics and biochemistry. Jahrein, who is 34 years old, started to live in Antalya, Turkey, by marrying Selin Conclusion since 2019.

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