Jett is set to receive major balance changes in VALORANT Patch 4.08

Riot turns its attention to Jett in the next VALORANT patch.

According to a blog post, the developers have been working on Jett balance changes for a while. They finally decided on the direction they wanted to take, along with the popular agent that historically dominated casual and competitive gaming.

In Patch 26, scheduled to hit live servers on Tuesday, April 4.08, developers take a look at Jett's Dash ability, which helped the agent move beyond VALORANT's core tactical cycle in "alarming ways."

E-Dash Changes

– Pressing the skill key after a short delay activates a 12 second window in which Jett is authorized to dash immediately until the next key is pressed.

– Windlike stacks disappear when dashed or when the window expires. However, it can be refreshed with 2 kills.

Editor Note: I think it's meant to be explained here that Jett's new Dash can be used when Pressed twice. The first time you press the E key, you will be authorized to use a Dash for 2 seconds and the second one will allow you to throw dashi, so it looks like Riot is trying to limit the round head hit-and-run mechanics of the players. It's like making Neon slide with Right click while in running ability. While writing the article, I caught a video on Twitter about the new Dash. Just as we expected 🙁

With these changes, Riot aims to bring Jett back to a more balanced position in the meta. The new dash will naturally require players to adapt, but the developers feel this is the best solution to “balance maintaining Jett's identity while increasing game health.”

The developers tested dozens of prototypes for Jett's Dashi, but they somehow "come incomplete". Eventually, they found a middle ground with the agent. “We want Jett to have his strong moments and be thrown like he used to, but we also want to give the opponent a proper counterplay opportunity and we want Jett players to be more thoughtful when using their abilities,” Riot said.

Riot is determined to ensure that Jett maintains his "unique place" on the roster and gives other agents "a little more breathing opportunity." The overall goal of the developers with balance is to “maintain game integrity and tactical loop”.

What do you guys think of Jett's new E-Dash ability? Do you think this change will finish Jett? Let's discuss this in the comments!


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