Konami Announced OBAKEIDORO, Nintendo Switch's Popular Action and Party Game, Coming to Steam under the Name Bail or Jail.

FREE STYLE Inc. Developed by Konami Digital Entertainment , this game will release the PC version of the multiplayer action game OBAKEIDORO on Steam under the name Bail or Jail .

Before launch, Steam users on May 11 Bail or JailA free demo will be released for them to try. Players will only have access to four-player matches, a single map, and limited character options in "Quick Match" mode. The game's Steam page here .

OBAKEIDORO! Firstly Switch It was released on August 1, 2019 in Japan, and then August 29 worldwide.

Bail or Jail, a multiplayer game where teams are split into two. A game that we play as three players on the Human team and single player on the Monster team. 

In this exciting game that ends in three minutes, the Human team must defend themselves while the Monster team must capture all the Humans before time runs out. Enjoy both online and offline play in groups of up to four players. Make various strategic moves using the players' character skills and attributes.

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