League of Legends Arcane avatar creator is now available!

Riot Games has released its own avatar creator to celebrate the final release of Arcane, the first animated show inspired by League of Legends.

Before the next act hits theaters on Saturday, November 13, you can stylize yourself in the steampunk-inspired look of Piltover and Zaun. Riot is promoting this new feature on Twitter with the hashtag #MyLeagueLook.

The free avatar maker is highly customizable with a variety of body shapes, head shapes, nose, lips, eyes and ears. You can also make yourself the main character with unique hair, wardrobe and beard options.

Once you're done customizing your character, you can download a JPEG image file that's perfect for a profile picture of your Arcane character, whether you like it or not. The vast majority of cosmetic options are available to everyone, but some are reserved for those with a LoL account. You can create a free account if you want to access all the custom options for your avatar.

Alongside the RiotX Arcane initiative, the new Netflix series has been integrated into many of Riot's Runeterra games. Teamfight Tactics has seen a highly Arcane-inspired set in Gizmo and Gadgets, while minions and turrets in League have been redesigned to resemble Piltover and Zaun characters.

Arcane has also had incredible success in a relatively short time. Arcane's first episode has usurped the most-watched category on Netflix in over 30 countries and currently has an excellent rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 9.4 on IMDb. We'll soon see if the series can maintain its momentum as act two approaches.


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