Microsoft Flight Simulator Postpones Top Gun Maverick DLC Release Date Again

Paramount Pictures has decided to delay Top Gun: Maverick to 2022 and the corresponding Microsoft Flight Simulator DLC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator discovered a new success that the franchise had not experienced since its glory days in the '80s and '90s. Asobo Studios' simulation game allows PC and Xbox console gamers to explore the world like never before. As such, third-party companies of Microsoft Flight Simulator It is understandable that they see their success as a marketing opportunity. This is coming soon Top Gun: Maverick explains its expansion, as well as confirming why it has now been delayed.

Scheduled to be released on November 19 Top Gun: Maverick is being delayed from the holiday season due to the ongoing COVID-19 surge in the United States. Distributor Paramount hopes the new May 2022 release of the movie will be better for audiences (and profits). Top Gun: Microsoft Flight Simulator a Maverick Given that its expansion is aimed at promoting the film, a 2021 launch no longer makes sense. As such, the DLC was also delayed.

asobo, Microsoft Flight Simulator a Top Gun: Maverick While it hasn't provided a new release date for its expansion, it might. The DLC will arrive with the release of the movie. Asobo also confirmed that the DLC is scheduled to be released simultaneously on both PC (Windows 10 and Steam) and Xbox Series X/S.


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