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Microsoft Increases Prices of New Games

Microsoft is increasing the prices of new games. Microsoft's Xbox division is joining Sony and other major publishers to raise the prices of new first-party AAA games from $60 to $70.

The company has officially announced that from 2023, new first-party games in the X|S series, including Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and Starfield, will cost $69,99 at launch.

Phil Spencer (CEO of Xbox Gaming) explained to us in several interviews that Xbox consoles are not getting Sony-like support, but games and Game Pass services are gaining momentum. He also said that prices may increase, especially after the New Year.

Microsoft is also changing regional prices

Microsoft is increasing the prices of new games. Microsoft also noted that regional prices are subject to change, but did not provide information on other regions or markets. "This award reflects the content, scope and technical complexity of these games," a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN.

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The company in question quickly announced that this will not affect the games released for Xbox Game Pass or the release date and time. It is likely that Game Pass support will still come… Microsoft said, “Like all Xbox games developed by our team, it will be available on Game Pass on the day of release”.

The first of the new first-party releases affected by the price change is the new game Forza Motorsport, which is likely to be released in spring 2023, Forza Motorsport for short. After that, both Redfall and Starfield are scheduled to be released for both PC and X|S series in 2023.

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