Resident Evil 4 HD mod is out in February.

The fan-funded project has been running for over 7 years.

I don't share the love that many readers undoubtedly have for Resident Evil 4: In fact, I was one of those finger-wielding people who complained that its success led to the series' creative drag over the next decade. Still, I believe PC ports of older games should be the best representation of those games, and Resident Evil 2014, which came to Steam in 4, wasn't.

It lacked graphics customization options, and the textures were only slightly cleaner than the original GameCube that came out nine years ago. The fan-funded Resident Evil 2014 HD Project, which started in 4, is finally about to fix this and has announced that version 1.0 will arrive on February 2, 2022.

The project is a massive overhaul of textures and assets for the PC version of Resident Evil 4 that recreates textures for every wall, book, moldy fruit, suit of armor, and character in the game. If you want a sense of the commitment involved, creators Albert Marin took Capcom's steps back to places like Raglan Castle in Wales and Palau Güell in Barcelona to photograph many of the textures used in the original game, but much higher. decisions.

Version 1.0 will include not only thousands of textures that have been retouched and created from scratch over the years, but also many other improvements. All of the original 512 x 336 videos have been remastered and scaled properly for HD displays, FoV options have been added, and even the little things like the GameCube version's Depth of Field effect (removed for the PC version) have been reinstated.

Just cheer your eyes on these screens…

Between them, Albert and Cris spent nearly 13.000 hours on the project, accounting for almost half of the estimated $31.000 spent (donors contributed $16.000). Of course, PC is home to many great projects like this one, but if this isn't among the best I'd be blindsided.

In fact, now that Capcom has mysteriously removed the 'Ultimate HD Edition' suffix from the Steam version of Resident Evil 4, maybe they should just leave this title to these guys? They really deserved it.


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