PMPL CIS canceled due to Russian invasion of Ukraine

PUBG Mobile Esports has canceled the spring season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) CIS due to the "current global situation", citing the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The Pro League in the CIS(CIS) region became the first PMPL this year to kick off on Monday, February 14. But just 10 days later, when Russia invaded Ukraine, it was announced that the PUBG league was postponed indefinitely.

Several players from both countries, Russia and Ukraine were competing in this league. With the war still going on a month later, PUBG Mobile Esports has decided to cancel the event.

In its statement, PUBG Mobile Esports did not directly refer to the ongoing crisis, calling it the 'current global situation'.

The best teams from the PMPL CIS had to qualify for the PMPL European Championship. With the cancellation, slots in the region will be redistributed to PMPLs in Western Europe and Turkey.

Also, PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) CIS has been cancelled. Registration for the amateur level competition will start tomorrow worldwide, but no players from the CIS region will be able to participate.


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