Pokemon GO Developer Niantic Announces New Changes

After discussions with Pokemon GO community leaders, Niantic has shared a few planned changes going forward.

In late June, the game's developer, Niantic, rolled back most of the mobile game changes implemented to help players catch it all while staying safe and healthy. Obviously, the pandemic didn't end in June, and players of the game have been vocally opposed to Niantic's decision ever since. With the peak of COVID-19 in the US with the Delta variant, Niantic is now announcing that it plans to re-implement certain pandemic features, among other plans.

In Niantic's September Task Force Update, the company announced that it has had direct conversations with various key people and outlets within the Pokemon GO community. Niantic says two main themes are prioritized from these conversations. First, players requested the return of the 80-foot radius for using PokeStops and Gyms. Second, Niantic has heard that it has “lots of room to grow” when it comes to communicating with Pokemon GO players.

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