Pokémon OREO Cookies Collector Rated

The game collector has rated a pack of limited edition Pokémon OREO cookies, wafers decorated with 16 Pokémon variants.

A game collector on Twitter, one pack limited edition Pokémon x OREO caught the cookie, evaluated and packaged it. The Pokémon Company Partnerships have emerged frequently over the years, especially for easily marketable products such as films and cards. Pokémon itself represents a highly marketable franchise that has grown an enormous worldwide fan base, the largest outside of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

Many fans have come across a box of Betty Crocker Pokémon fruit snacks at their local grocery store at one point, perhaps stumbled upon boxes of General Mills or Kellogg's Pokémon cereal. Many of The Pokémon Company's past deals, including partnerships with McDonald's, have been food related. For the series' 25th anniversary earlier this year, McDonald's Japan announced Pokémon toys and Pikachu themed treats. The fast-food giant has also partnered with Pokémon multiple times to offer free cards, including special holographic ones, in Happy Meals. Fans of the series sometimes start posting collections of cards, games and plush online. But a collector has decided to preserve a different kind of memorabilia from the iconic creature capture series.

Twitter user Video Games With Threating Aurasposted a picture of sealed Wata Games certified Pokémon x OREO cookies. The packaging shows most of the 16 collectible Pokémon that can be found in the cookie wafers. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander ve Pikachu In addition to Gen 1 faces like Grookey ve Pancham It is also featured in newer Pokémon packaging, such as The partnership between Pokémon and OREO was announced last week, and the cookies became available at retailers yesterday. The variety of Pokémon this user collects will likely never appear, since opening the Wata bag invalidates the evaluation value of the cookies.

Pokémon Company, is a lucrative seller that surpasses the likes of Star Wars and Hello Kitty in total sales. In 2019, the franchise surpassed $92 billion in all-time sales, highest-grossing media franchise in history it happened. Considering the popularity of OREO cookies, Pokémon has probably found another easy item to enjoy at home. It is unknown how many of these OREO cookies will be evaluated in the coming years. Perhaps this opportunity will turn out to be a bigger success than both companies had anticipated, similar to the Pokémon Trading Card Game boom that overwhelmed reviewers earlier this year. The high demand for Pokémon x OREO may push the snack away from its limited release state to outlast it.

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