PUBG: New State adds a new P90 SMG!

SMG will only be available in Maintenance Packages.

A new weapon is coming to the PUBG: New State January update next week. Krafton released the patch notes for upcoming updates yesterday, and they include details about the upcoming P90.

The P90 is a light machine gun (SMG) that will use 5.77mm ammunition. This ammo is also added to the Drone Store. While the gun's exact stats are not disclosed, it will likely have a high rate of fire and excel in mid-range battles.

The weapon won't be available on Troi and Erangel though. Players will have to fight for it by looting the Care Packages that fall on the map.

The gun will come with a second stage converter scope and an attached suppressor. No additional customization can be made on it. Players can check out the new weapon when the update drops next week. The update will also reset players' ranks to introduce the first official season.

A new battle royale mode is also coming to PUBG: New State. This "extreme" mode places 64 players in a smaller section of Troi with increased loot to fight for victory. Matches will only last 20 minutes in this fast, intense mode.


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