Sega and Atlus Release New RPG Announcement For Tokyo Game Show

Sega and Atlus are gearing up to unveil a new RPG on Day 1 of Tokyo Game Show 2021, which is October 2.

The publisher is for the unannounced title playing the Japanese narrative cinematic of an ink pen drawing three fantastic-looking characters facing a natural abyss. a private website founded . It also shows flashes of different characters and melancholic scenes that look like a murdered woman. The animation concludes by taking viewers to a homepage that currently has a countdown clock for the game's release on TGS. The translated text of the video's description simply states, "This is a promotional trailer for Sega's new RPG, whose information will be revealed online at the 1 Tokyo Game Show 2021 on October 2021, 2021 (Friday)."

Now comes the fun part: figuring out what this game might be. Given the hype around, it can be assumed that this is a new IP. Needless to say, it certainly doesn't seem to fit well with Atlus' established series like the artwork-based Persona, Shin Megami Tensei or Etrian Odyssey. Atlus fans have undoubtedly started digging into every possible frame of this trailer for answers, but the rest of us will have to wait a few more weeks to find out more.


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