Smite's 8.8 bonus update has arrived on live servers.

Smite starts the week with the 8.8 bonus update.

Here's a look at what you'll find in today's patch.

The Hi-Rez team is always working hard to create balance changes and new skins, and bonus update 8.8 includes both. Patch 8.8 introduces multiple balance changes for both items and gods, plus four new skins: Senko Sage Anubis, Silver Bullet Tsukuyomi, Death's Door Janus, and Neon Shifter Sun Wukong.

Both Senko Sage Anubis and Silver Bullet Tsukuyomi will be available exclusively as part of the ongoing Dangerous Seas Odyssey. To get the Neon Shifter Sun Wukong, you need to try your luck with the Neon Chest. Similarly, Death's Door Janus will be available through Death's Door Chest.

Patch 8.8 also brings changes to eight items and six characters. Of all the gods that changed with this patch, Charybdis was the only one to survive the nerf stick. Made only minor bug fixes to Charybdis.

Ymir, Yemoja, Persephone, Osiris, Morgan Le Fay, and Gilgamesh all have changes that you might consider nerfs. Items that received changes include Stone-Cutting Sword, Winged Blade, Void Shield, Odysseus' Bow, Ichaival, Soul Gem, Sundering Ax and Fighter's Mask.


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