Sony begins testing 5p support for Playstation 1440

Sony is starting to test support for 5p resolution, a much-requested add-on for the PlayStation 1440 console. Testers will have access to a new PS1440 system software beta today that includes 5p support, curated playlists for their library, and new social features.

The new 1440p video output option will allow PS5 owners to select this resolution on compatible TVs and monitors. If games support 1440p, native 1440p output will be supported, but otherwise 4K games will benefit from anti-aliasing improvement by supersampling up to 1440p output.

Playstation 5

PS5 owners with beta software will be able to check whether their HDMI-connected displays support 5p in the display and video section of the PS1440 board. Sony warns that the Variable Refresh Rate feature will not be supported at 1440p and will only work in 5p and 1080K on PS4.

This latest PS5 software update also includes game lists designed to make it easy to organize your games. You can create game lists from the main game library and each list supports up to 100 games. There is a total list limit of 15 games and all disc, digital and stream games can be added to the lists. They are essentially folders into which you can add multiple games.

Playstation 5 1440p support

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Sony is also adding new social features, including a request option to ask your friends to start sharing their screens, and new notifications to let you know when you can join a friend's ongoing game when you join a party. You'll also be able to send stickers and voice messages at parties and easily compare the difference between 3D sound and regular stereo before choosing your preferred setting.

Sony is testing this new Playstation 5 software with beta testers today, and it will likely roll out to all PS5 owners in the coming months.

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