Spotify brings music-themed islands to Roblox.

In a press release, Spotify launched its own digital space called Spotify Island on Roblox, announcing that it allows players to make music, play games and interact with virtual artists.

Spotify calls its digital island an “audio oasis” that includes different Spotify brands, from the vibrant green of the landscape to the heart-shaped “Like” icons scattered around the island, where players can collect and trade in virtual goods. The more hearts users collect, the higher they rise on the game's leaderboard.

In addition to the Easter eggs hidden around the island, Spotify Island also gives players access to stations from Soundtrap, a Spotify-owned digital audio workstation that allows users to collaborate remotely.

Spotify said it will fill its digital space with other exclusive content such as themed mini-quests, virtual meetups, and paid merchandise made by artists. The platform tells The Verge that all proceeds from the artists' products will go directly to the artists. In addition, the company plans to collaborate with artists “to create more opportunities like this in the coming months.” Spotify is launching Roblox with its first music-themed island, K-Park, which is expected to include all things K-pop and will offer interactive experiences with K-pop artists Sunmi – Stray Kids.

Spotify's entry into Roblox marks a first for any music streaming service.


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