It has been announced that "New Creative Criteria" will be determined for GTA 6!

Take-Two, owner of Rockstar Games, made a short comment about GTA 6. As part of Take-Two's latest earnings briefing, CEO Strauss Zelnick said development on GTA 6 is "going in a good direction". This is very similar to the phrase Rockstar used when announcing GTA 6 back in February of this year.

Zelnick went on to say that the development team at Rockstar Games is working to make GTA 6 another stunning success in the series and the wider entertainment industry. “The Rockstar Games team is once again committed to setting creative benchmarks for the GTA series, our industry, and all of entertainment, just as the company has done with every release at the forefront,” said Zelnick.


Little is known about GTA 6, but rumor has it there will be two main characters in the game, one of which is a Latino woman. It is said that the game will take place in Vice City on a map that will expand over time. And the game is said to be at least two years away from release.

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As for GTA V, the Take-Two open world game has sold 5 million copies, up 170 million in the last three months. announced. Take-Two continued to confirm that the recent release of GTA V for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has helped take the game to new heights. Take-Two said GTA Online players on the latest consoles rose 40% in the last quarter, with players on these platforms spending 4% more money on microtransactions than players on PS36/Xbox One.


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