The Elder Scrolls VI Could Be Bethesda's Pirate Game

Bethesda's Elder Scrolls VI is the perfect opportunity to introduce ships, sailing and piracy to the series.

If the Starfield trailer for E3 2021 is to be believed, The Elder Scrolls VI will likely be set around Iliac Bay, Tamriel's rough proxy for the Mediterranean that separates the small kingdoms of High Rock from the desert cities of Hammerfell.

Starfield's trailer featured a small symbol that many Bethesda fans noticed resembled the outline of the Iliac Bay area on Tamriel's map, bolstering long-held beliefs that West Tamriel was the best candidate for the next game setting.

Exploring the Iliac Bay is Bethesda's best chance to add pirate elements to The Elder Scrolls VI, just as Skyrim has forged a unique identity for itself as a Viking-inspired addition to the franchise.

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