The Story of the Banned Game “Tell Me Why” in Turkey and Why It Was Banned!

Tell Me Why popular Life is Strange the studio behind the series DONTNOD Entertainment's latest adventure game. In this intimate mystery, Tyler ve Alyson RonanNewly reunited twins use their supernatural bond to uncover memories of their loving but troubled childhoods. Set in a small Alaskan town Tell Me Why, offers realistic characters, adult themes and fascinating options. By invoking memories of the past, your choices will affect the relationship between the twins, determine the strength of their bond, and chart the course of their lives.

Relive the past, discover the truth and shape your future.
  • Discover the Truth – Relive and explore the tangled memories of their childhood using the twins' supernatural bond.
  • Shape your story – influence Tyler and Alyson's relationship with the choices that will affect their futures.
  • Discover even more secrets – Solve puzzles that amplify the narrative's depth and open a portal to the twins' fantasy world, The Book of Goblins.
Meet more-than-life characters and environments.
  • Unique characters – Make connections and solve mysteries with cute and realistic characters.
  • The splendor of Alaska – Explore places in a small Alaskan town in beautiful detail in 4K and HDR.

Tell the police officer, boy, what happened? The story begins with the child's answer to the question "I am a murderer, I killed my mother". Thanks to this solid intro scene "Tell Me Why“He manages to impress the player in the first minute.

More than just a story – DONTNOD Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios conducted strong research in partnership with culture, mental health and gender experts to create a realistic and thoughtful experience.

Steam ve Xbox Store Although the first episode was offered for free, the game is transsexual. “LGBT” Access from our country is completely closed because it contains content. Therefore, both in the official, that is, in the normal way, Steam both the page Xbox Store The page cannot be reached. Of course, it is possible to access the game with applications such as VPN, to buy products from another country's store using VPN Steam We know that the rules are against and forbidden. That's why this method Steam We do not recommend due to the security of your account.

Method to Add the Game to Your Steam Account with Vpn:

1- First download a VPN app or you can use the VPN feature of the Opera Gx browser.

  • Opera Download the web browser.
  • Complete the installation.
  • Open the browser.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • VPN Mark the feature as active.

2- “When Opera Gx VPN is active, press Ctrl+Shift+N to open an Incognito tab” and without logging into Steam Tell Me Why Steam Go to its page and click “To get the game”Play the gamePress the ” button.

3- If it's like the screen you see below, you've done it right. Turn off the VPN first. Then install the game by pressing forward.

4- The game is ready to launch. “PlayLet's start the game by saying. No need for VPN from here on out.

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