Twitch rolls out enhanced reporting and appeals features

Twitch is overhauling its security policies, improving its reporting process, and adding a new appeals portal.

Over the next few weeks, Twitch will gradually roll out advanced reporting tools, simplifying the content reporting process for streamers and viewers. The new process includes a search function and a menu for flagged content type so users can find the specific reason for their report. Updated reporting tools will arrive on the website first, and mobile rollout will occur at a later date.

In addition to better reporting features, Twitch is adding a new appeals portal that offers greater transparency to the appeals process. In the past, a publisher would appeal to appeal a ban or suspension, receive an automated response confirming the receipt, and then wait for a response that either accepts or rejects the appeal. Users were complaining about the slowness of the process and the lack of a clear explanation as to why appeals were rejected. In the announcement, Twitch said:

All that changed today with the launch of our new appeals portal, available at It includes some technical updates to help our experts review appeals faster for us. On your part, we hoped to simplify the process by doing two main things:

1_You will be able to see the status and result of the ongoing and previous requests respectively.
2_It will allow you to see the situations that are suitable for objection.

The announcement also included an extensive FAQ highlighting specific details on how the new appeals process works. for FAQ check here.

Twitch has gradually strengthened its security and security tools. Last September, Twitch introduced a way to protect streamers' chats from hateful bot spam by only allowing accounts with verified phone numbers to join their chats. These new reporting and appeal tools are the next step in Twitch's ongoing security program.


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