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How to get a 3-Month PC Game Pass gift with a Twitch account

Twitch and Xbox team up to bring gamers the Game Pass subscription service: for yourself or as gift subscriptions to any channel from any level two new Twitch subscriptions You can enjoy three months of Xbox Game Pass service for free on PC. Agreement 3-11 November and only new PC Game Pass subscribers can take advantage of this offer.

Each default Twitch subscription will cost $9,90 per month, and two subscriptions will cost around $20. This is a pretty good opportunity for PC Game Pass, which is priced at around 90 TL for three months. In retrospect, this isn't the best opportunity we've ever seen. Back in June, Xbox offered three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (including both console and PC) for just $1.

If you're someone who already buys Twitch subscriptions and plays on PC, there's no barrier to getting three months of Xbox's Game Pass service for free.

After you complete the purchase of two subscriptions, Twitch will send a code to your notifications inbox. on the Xbox site You can enjoy 3 months of free Game Pass by using it. After November 18, redemption codes expire and will no longer work, so be sure to activate them before the deadline.

Xbox Game Pass continues to grow, though not as much as Xbox expected. Microsoft targeted growth of 30% for the fiscal year ending June 78, but only achieved 28% of the target. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer also revealed that the company has seen "incredible growth" in PC Game Pass and that Game Pass has been profitable overall.

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