Twitch bans gambling, streamers switch to DLive!

Twitch platform's gambling ban is now in effect and Slot (Gambling) publishers had to find a new platform (Dlive). Publishers have switched to DLive, which has opened the platform to all gambling stars and is widely known on social media.

Slot streams were pretty common on Twitch as early as 2022. The gambling category had become one of the most dominant categories on the platform. This has caused some publishers to be concerned about the gambling promotion and the dangers on the sites .

The platform has made attempts in the past to mitigate the damage by stopping direct links and related organization codes in posts. However, the category was completely unplugged after the last scaling.

Twitch's gambling ban, which went live on October 18, immediately took effect in Slot broadcasts. While viewership peaked at around 17 on October 80.000, it did not rise above 25.000 in the days after the ban was enforced.

Since the platform announced that policy changes are on the way, Slot publishers have started flocking to DLive.

DLive has seen a marked increase in views as former Slot streamers flee from Twitch.

DLive itself It brands it as “a value-sharing live streaming platform that empowers influencers and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system.” This includes the use of “blockchain technology” and cryptocurrency that viewers can earn within DLive to support creators.

DLive also promotes a 50/50 revenue split, which has become a controversial point in the streaming community since Twitch's audacious stance on the 75/25 subscriber revenue split.

Over the past month, since the first whispers of Twitch's gambling ban, DLive has been increasingly promoting gambling streamers on their front pages as well as on social media.

In a tweet posted on October 13: “As of October 18, the platform will be making a policy update to ban slot, roulette or dice games that are not licensed in the US or other jurisdictions.”

At the time of publication, Slot is by far the most popular category with thousands of viewers compared to hundreds of viewers in other categories. While big names like Tyler 'Trainwreck' Niknam or Felix 'xQc' Lengyel aren't just switching platforms to stream Slots, there are plenty of gambling publishers that do.

Boasting 32.000 followers on Twitch before being banned for violating the platform's Terms of Service after the gambling policy change, 'AussieSlots' is now one of DLive's top streamers. 'XzosT', which has 50.000 Twitch followers, also took action after the ban.

Some don't completely deviate from Twitch. 'Syztmz' went live on Twitch with a new stream link to drive viewers to DLive using his 46.000-follower account.

Twitch Live
Some legacy Twitch streamers use their previous platforms to promote new streams on DLive.

It is not yet clear whether slot publishers can continue to create full-time content on DLive. The platform is much smaller than Twitch. (the biggest streamers can reach a few thousand highest viewers at most, which is lower than what the top Slot stars achieved in their previous homes.)

DLive will give them a safe platform without scrutiny, but gambling on Twitch isn't quite dead yet. Slots have dropped from the top 10 most-watched sections of the site, but still hundreds of channels continue to stream simultaneously.

We'll see if Twitch will take further action on the app, as some have circumvented the ban with bonuses and codes promoted in chat.

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