VALORANT, a new Run It Back pack has arrived in store!

Riot Games is adding another Run it Back pack, which will include five different weapon skins for VALORANT.

Like the previous Run It Back Pack, each costume will be chosen from a different collection. This iteration of the pack includes skins from the Ion, GUN, Radiant Crisis, Ego and Magicpunk collections. Weapons included in the pack will be Classic, Operator, Phantom, Stinger and Bucky.

The Run It Back Pack is now available in VALORANT stores and will give players a few weeks to decide if they want the pack for themselves. The bundle is expected to stay in store until August 10. The last two Run It Back collections have been labeled Premium quality based on the skins inside. The Ego, GUN, Magepunk, Radiant Crisis, and Ion collections were all listed as Premium, meaning skins were on sale for 1.775 VP each and packs for 7,100 VP.

Depending on whether the skins the player currently owns are included in the Run it Back pack, the pack price will vary. Run it back package is available in the store for 5950 VP. This shows that the Premium packages are significantly lower than the original price.

All of the costumes included in the pack:

  • Ion Phantom – 1775 VP
  • Magicpunk 2.0 Operator – 1775 VP
  • Ego Stinger – 1775 VP
  • Radiant Crisis 001 Bucky – 1775 VP 
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroigniter (YUN) Classic – 1775 VP

This Run it Back 3 pack will cost 5950 VP. If you want to buy the costumes individually, you can check the single price of the skins from the list above.

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