VALORANT: Leaks published for Mage have been denied!

A TikToker allegedly trolled the VALORANT community after creating leaks for a supposed new agent.

TikTok user “Valoleakr” wrote a post yesterday titled “How I trolled the whole VALORANT community” video uploaded it, and here's how he created a screenshot that went viral, showing a new VALORANT agent named Mage.

The user claimed that he created the icons by taking inspiration from other abilities in the game. Then, using Cypher as a guinea pig, he made a template in which skill descriptions were placed in-game and cut out the text.

The user claimed that after removing Cypher's model and posting it to Reddit, he adjusted the final image with his phone. The post immediately gained traction, with more than half a million views within the first hour of uploading.

valorant mage

Reddit posthas garnered more than 500 likes with over 3.000 comments, making it one of the most popular posts in the VALORANT subreddit of the month.

Even after the disclaimer, some users argued that Tiktoker may have spoofed the video and that the agent leak was real, a double bluff that could come into play at a later stage.

There are no details from Riot regarding the next agent in VALORANT, which is expected to launch later this year. The game's next agent will likely be a Controller.

The game's latest agent, Fade, was released in April earlier this year. We will continue to share information with you as we have more details about the 21st Agent coming to the game.

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