Valorant Mobile Beta Starts Today!

It's only a matter of time before Valorant enters the mobile gaming world. I will share the first screenshots and more with you!

Not so long ago, news broke that Valorant was coming to consoles, and today we already know that the game has expanded its usability to another platform, mobile devices. Before Valorant was released, game developers said that they were considering making “Project A (the name of VALORANT under construction)” for mobile versions as well. 2 years after this announcement, the official Valorant Mobile beta went live.


Today (April 7, 2022) 3 screenshots from the gameplay of the mobile version of Valorant have surfaced:

You look at the screenshots and think “hmm, nice but when will it come out”, right? According to sources, the official Beta starts today!

Valorant Mobile: Beta Version

Riot has launched a Beta for Valorant Mobile in China and it will be exclusive to this region for now. However, Riot is trying to create an invite system for other regions. As soon as it is officially published, we will definitely inform you about it.

Until then, iOS users will have to wait and Android users will have to wait for the APK file to leak. And don't worry, it's perfectly legal (people played the unofficial version of Wild Rift for months, and Riot didn't ban anyone for it.)

Sources also say that even after testing, the game will be fully released for China and APAC regions before it is released for other regions. Still, access to the APK file may be widely available.

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