VALORANT's Tower of Power charm is now available on Prime Gaming

VALORANT players can use their Amazon Prime subscription to get the Tower of Power charm, Riot's newest companion in arms.

The Power Tower is the monthly VALORANT item available in the Prime Gaming Loot system that rewards players who link their Amazon Prime accounts to their Riot/VALORANT accounts. The Power Tower charm is a miniature gaming PC with built-in lighting that includes the purple color that Riot has recently used for some VALORANT Champions Tour brands.

The VALORANT page on the Prime Gaming Loot website shows all previously available in-game cosmetics, including other weapon charms, sprays, and player cards. It also indicates that more items will become available in the next few months.

Click Buy Now to claim the Power Tower weapon charm from this page and it will prompt you to sign in to your Amazon Prime or Prime Gaming account. If that account is not already linked, it will open a window to Riot's website and ask you to sign in to your VALORANT account to link the two. After logging in and connecting, go back to the loot page and complete the confirmation. When you log back into VALORANT, the Tower of Power will be there for you to equip a weapon charm.

The Tower of Power charm can be obtained from August 27 to September 27. Do not miss out!

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