Only three World 1 Pick'em predictions left after DWG KIA/T2021 semifinal match

Only three pick'em predictions remain for this year's League of Legends World Championship after today's semifinal match between DWG KIA and T1

Earlier today, DWG KIA beat T1 in the bO5 series. DWG KIA won by a 3-2 lead and advanced to the grand final of the tournament.

The six Pick'em predictions in the Pick'em game remained perfect as we entered the semi-final round of the World Championship. After today's series, that number has been halved. Only three players chose T1 to advance, the other three correctly predicted DWG KIA victories.

This year's Pick'Em game received more than seven million submissions. According to Riot's official Worlds 2021 Pick'em site, 0.000042 percent of entries are in perfect condition ahead of the final two games of the tournament. Last year, only eight players predicted the entire tournament correctly, so we're guaranteed to see less perfect Pick'em than last year.

Pick'em players with perfect entries will receive all six League Ultimate skins as a reward if any of the remaining three perfect predictions stays perfect during the final two games of the tournament. Even if you don't have a perfect Pick'em submission, you can still receive certain rewards based on your Pick'em score. Some of these rewards include Hextech Chests, blue essence, and Pick'em Summoner Tokens.

The League World Championship continues with another semi-final match between LCK's Gen.G and LPL's EDward Gaming. Both organizations make their first appearances in the Worlds semi-finals, with the winner DWG advancing to next week's grand final against KIA.


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