Amouranth claimed that she was married and was harassed by her husband on Twitch streams!

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn 'Amouranth' Siragusa. She announced her marriage and the abuse she suffered from her husband in a live broadcast on 15 October.

Warning: Some readers may find some aspects of the following article disturbing.

Amouranth regularly attracts thousands of viewers to its Twitch streams with just chat and gaming content. He is one of the biggest names in the social internet.

However, with Amouranth's revelation that she was stuck in a toxic and abusive marriage, an October 15 its live broadcast has become an extremely alarming broadcast.

The recording of the broadcast in question is not available on Amouranth's Twitch channel, but clips circulating on various social media sites clearly demonstrate the abuse the broadcaster has suffered and continues to be exposed to.

Amouranth made a number of allegations, including that her husband threatened to kill her dogs, control her finances, force her into publications, and leave her little money.

A clip shows the broadcaster asking her husband why he would kill their dog, while a male voice (reportedly her husband) responds, “Leave the house” before getting angry, harassing Amouranth and accusing her of lying.

A second clip revealed text messages between Amouranth and her husband.

Amouranth is regularly insulted in messages. It's called "stupid fuck" and the publisher is often threatened.

Amouranth allegedly sent such messages because her husband did not organize his suitcase according to instructions. In another conversation, he calls Amouranth's publications "garbage."

The broadcaster also promised to break up with her husband on the air and said that this time she will truly be a "bachelor". She claims that she hides her marriage and broadcasts Hot Tub at the urging of her husband.

She also claimed that she had not disclosed her marriage earlier as a result of her husband's instructions. He allegedly said it would ruin their "business model" and therefore kept it secret.

The broadcast abruptly ended when an unidentified female voice asked if she had taken her medication. Presumably the abuses against Amouranth continued.

Naturally, many fans are worried about Amouranth's health. Many also praised the publisher's bravery as they shared the abuse they suffered.

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