The Question The Players Ask Each Other The Most "Can I Buy NVIDIA RTX Graphics Card?"

With the arrival of the next generation NVIDIA graphics cards, one of the most asked questions these days is, "Can I Buy NVIDIA Graphics Card Now?" question, and the other is “Should we wait for the RTX 4000 Series?” the question is. In this article, we will share important information about the availability of RTX 3000 series graphics cards that are already on the market.

Of course RTX 4000 series, from the RTX 3000 series it will be more powerful and this may be due to improvements in clocks, memory bandwidth, CUDA cores, tensor cores, ray tracing cores or teraflops. In contrast, the first leaks Also, Nvidia's Gen 4 GPU actually extremely high power consumption power (600 W) It is also among the leaked information that it is a consuming monster.

It will be 3080 years since Nvidia RTX 2 Series graphics cards came out in September. Slowly, the footsteps of the new generation RTX 2 series are heard. As of September, the RTX 1000 will enter the market with the top-of-the-line card. As always, it takes at least a year for the mid-level and entry-level cards to arrive.

Well, even if the RTX 4000 series has entered the market, it may be asked which segment of the card you want to buy.

2 Years Between All NVIDIA Series Release Dates

If you intend to buy a medium or entry-level card in the RTX 4000 new series, I would like to remind you that the RTX 3050 has been on the market in the past months. There is also the issue of the mid-level cards of the new series cards being at par with today's mid-range and high-end cards. For example, the middle segment cards in the new series, such as RTX 3060 = RTX 2060 or RTX 3070 = RTX 2070, will be very similar to the current mid-range cards. This is one of the important issues that should be considered along with timing for video card buyers.

My advice to you is if you have the time and budget, wait for another year or a half, but if you say that I need a card urgently and I need to update my video card in my system, you can switch to the medium or high-end current cards of the RTX 3000 series graphics cards. This allows you to get graphics performance for a long time without bothering you.

Another issue is that although prices in our country are higher than the rest of the world due to the inflation and exchange rate situation, the prices will fall back in two, two and a half years throughout the world.

Finally, as I said, it takes a while for the mid-level and entry-level cards to arrive after the Peak level card comes out in the new series cards. According to our calculations, if we say that the new series RTX 4000 series has a maximum of 4 months, it seems that there is at least a year for the entry level, 8-10 months for the intermediate level.

For those who ask what would you do if you were me. I wouldn't have spent this long without a graphics card. In line with my financial strength, I would buy a RTX 3000 series Price / Performance card and enjoy it. You can make your filigree accordingly, of course, the final decision is yours.

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