Control game developer Remedy is making a free-to-play shooter with Tencent

Remedy has revealed the first details about its upcoming multiplayer shooter. The game, currently codenamed Vanguard, will be a free-to-play shooter and will be published in partnership with Tencent. The game will be developed using the Unreal Engine and will likely be PvE.

The studio said the team behind the game was specifically put together by Remedy in 2018 to create an ongoing online multiplayer game. According to the announcement, Vanguard is currently in early construction.

At launch, Vanguard will be released by Remedy in all markets outside Asia, localized here and published by Tencent. The new partnership also gives Tencent the rights to build a mobile version of Vanguard.

This new shooter isn't the only project Remedy is working on. The developer is also working on a new story mode for CrossfireX, the free-to-play shooter, for which it released a new trailer earlier this month.

Alongside these more shooter-focused titles, Remedy returns on its own adventure with the recently released sequel, Alan Wake 2. This will be the developer's first sequel since Max Payne 2003, which was released in 2.

The partnership announcement doesn't mention a possible release date for Vanguard (or whatever its real name is), but it will be available on PC and consoles when the game arrives.


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