Homeworld 3 delayed to 2023

Homeworld 3, which is expected to be released this year, has been delayed. Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Publishing announced today that they are postponing the game until the first half of 2023 to give developers enough time to make the game without any hassle.

In the delayed message, the Homeworld team said, “Delivering Homeworld 3 at the highest quality is a top priority for Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive, as we recognize the special place this series holds in gamers' hearts. This passion from the players fuels the business and the additional time will enable us to fulfill our commitment to quality in a healthy and sustainable way for everyone involved.” said.

Blackbird Interactive also said it will share "the deepest look ever" at Homeworld 24 this summer at Gamescom, which is scheduled to start August 28-3. It also showed off a new in-development combat animation showcasing the capabilities of a new type of assault vehicle:


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