Meet Neon, VALORANT's newest agent!

Another exciting new agent is about to arrive.

VALORANT players will soon be able to battle their enemies with Neon, the newest agent to join the game with an exciting skill set.

Fans got their first detailed look at Neon today in a new cinematic trailer showcasing Neon's personality and exciting new abilities. Neon is a Filipino agent who can easily outwit and outsmart his opponents. The trailer shows that he can outrun enemies with his ability to run fast and can slide to escape in gunfights.

The trailer shows him launching an electric ball that bounces off walls and inflicts a stun on the area he falls into. Neon also has a similar ability to Phoenix's wall, but this ability includes two blue walls that provide protection on either side.

Neon's ultimate ability appears to be an electric force that allows him to draw electricity from his fingers. It's unclear how much damage this does, but it looks like a devastating ability that can easily win gunfights.

Gamers have taken a look at Neon for weeks. Back in December, a blog post gave fans their first look at the shoes, which also hinted at their abilities as a lightning streak can be seen under one of their soles. The VALORANT Prime Gaming loot page also posted an early Neon image, giving fans an official look at the new manager just ahead of the new year.

Neon will likely launch alongside Chapter Four this month.


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