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8 Best Walking Simulators to Play

These relaxing walking simulators are perfect for players looking for a quiet kill.

Vacations and video games go very well together, but an even more perfect match is vacations and hiking simulators, as this genre offers relaxing and often emotional experiences that help the player truly get away from everyday life.

Walking simulator games have a chance to be completely different from each other, and developers can make them with whatever artistic style and narrative direction they want to tackle.


Gamers and non-gamers alike will love this masterpiece of simplicity and comfort. Journey , it has managed to do what many walking simulators have tried but failed to do exactly. An experience for the individual that challenges the ideas of everyday life.

The player embarks on a third-person adventure and gets the chance to meet comrades along the way, fly and make a gorgeous scarf. A distant mountain is the ultimate goal, but to get there, players have to let go of their ideas of how the walking simulator works and let the game teach them how to live a new experience. If you finally want to cry, don't be shy, you won't be alone.


For sci-fi fans and lovers of colorful design Tacoma is a walking simulator that allows the player to explore an empty hi-tech space station. The year is 2088 and all the clues are there. The player has a chance to review everything and find out how the team lived and worked and how the station emptied with 3D recordings of key moments.


In 30 minutes, the player has the chance to explore a forest that draws its artistic direction from the paintings of expressionists and listen to the different sounds of the trees that come together to form a magnificent choir.

All it takes to enjoy this experience to the fullest is to have an open heart and be willing to take some time to create the most amazing bouquet of their lives. Thanks to the game maker company because they plant a tree for every game purchased.

Thousand Threads

Simple, beautiful and fun. Everything one could want from a walking simulator, Thousand Threads presents. Some of the main tasks that the player has to do are: Send mail to townspeople, help friends, fight enemies and find treasures.

While it has light elements of RPG, this game is mostly about observing NPCs and doing odd jobs here as fans get to know each and form a relationship. A perfectly good way to spend a few relaxing hours.

Year Walk

It's not as relaxing as the others, but it's as immersive and interesting as walking simulators get. Year Walk allows the player to explore the ancient Swedish tradition of walking through a forest, solving puzzles, finding mythical creatures and traversing different dimensions.

Sound confusing? This is really fun to play. How not when the player has to go through dark forests in 19th century Sweden? As for the artwork, only two words are needed. Majestic and gothic.

The Long Dark

long darkAlthough it falls right in the middle of survival games and walking simulators, it is such a great experience that it tops all lists. To feel the best and enjoy the worst the Canadian wilderness has to offer, the player must lay out their blanket and immerse themselves in the game for a few hours.

While walking, walking and… the player must think about how to survive and try to solve the mystery of strange electromagnetic storms as well as some of the mysteries surrounding a loved one and people from the hero's past.


What do players do when they get bored of walking simulators? They go to a diving simulator. Abzu Its name comes from AB meaning water and ZU meaning knowing. It is a game that allows the player to know the water and encourages them to perform fantastic acrobatic moves in the depths of the ocean. It is a complete and in-depth exploration of hundreds of marine life species.

As for the music and graphics, Abzu creates what feels like a choreography filled with color and glorious fluidity. It's also the perfect game for players who are a bit of a novice and want to explore what the game can offer them.

Gone Home

The hero visits a place they know very well. However at Gone Home The version of their beloved home that is empty and no one from their family is there.

No rocks should be left unturned and no doors left unopened if the player wants to unravel the mystery of what happened there in the '90s. It doesn't have any puzzles or fights, so when it comes to using objects and understanding the story, all that's left is the player and their imagination.

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