Pearl Abyss Donates 100 Million KRW to Support Ukraine

Pearl Abyss Today, 100 million KRW (Approx. 82.250 USD)

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Pearl Abyss Extends Helping Hand to Ukraine 

Donation is an international humanitarian medicine NGO. “Doctors Without Borders”a will be done. This emergency medical aid will be used to distribute first aid kits to the injured in Ukraine and neighboring countries. It will also be used to deliver remote medical training and secure personnel and supplies needed for relief operations.

Helping People Affected by the War with Pearl Abyss Donations

Robin Jung, CEO of Pearl Abyss, “Our decision was taken as a humanitarian measure to deliver aid to those affected by the war in Ukraine.” said. “We hope our donation will help where medical attention is needed.” he added.

For years, Pearl Abyss has dedicated itself to being more socially responsible. In 2020, 100 million KRW was donated to help victims in Australia and Turkey, respectively. In addition, donations are made to “Medicines Without Borders” each year to support medical assistance in local and global communities.

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