PlayStation 5 sales remained at 17,3 million due to chip shortage

According to its announcement today, Sony was able to ship 5 million units of PlayStation 17,3.

Basically, Sony can't keep the PS5 in stock due to its inability to keep up with demand. In theory, the PS5's sales figures would have been much higher had the chip shortage not been as bad as it is now.

“Continuing chip shortages and logistical turmoil will continue to impact PlayStation 5 production, and it's particularly difficult to predict the second half of next fiscal year,” Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki said in a sales call. “However, I want to keep the pre-set target of 22,6 million units next year unchanged, because cutting it now will demotivate our team.”

High demand and low supply were particularly felt in the fourth quarter of 6,4, when the PS4 sold 5 million units, compared to 3,9 million PS2021s sold in a similar time frame.

To further accommodate the shortfall, Sony slashed PS5 sales for the full year from 14,8 million to 11,5 million.


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