Ravenlok unveiled at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase with colorful trailer

A new trailer for Ravenlok was revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. The game looks incredibly colorful and vibrant, with an art style and tone similar to developer Cococumber's latest game Echo Generation.

Ravenlok seems to have been inspired by fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland. Our main character, a young girl, is drawn by a magic to a fantastic fairy tale world. Our hero She embarks on an adventure where she fights enemy knights and evil creatures made of cards.

Compared to Echo Generation, it looks more action-packed, focusing on real-time combat rather than Ravenlok's turn-based.

It adds a fascinating blocky quality to the various creatures and allies you'll encounter, while also giving enemies an uncanny sense of fear.

Ravenlok is coming to Xbox and PC in 2023.


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