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Redfall Release Date May Be Postponed

Redfall Gameplay Time

According to the latest rumors, the release date of Co-op vampire shooter Redfall may be delayed. Redfall is the next game from Bethesda Arkane Studios, developed exclusively by Arkane Austin. Compared to Left 4 Dead, Redfall is a first-person shooter where players face a variety of vampire monsters.

Redfall was first introduced to the world as part of the Xbox E3 2021 presentation and is scheduled for a special Xbox Series X console release in 2022. Unfortunately for Xbox gamers, Bethesda had to pull both Redfall and Starfield back from their 2022 release dates, pushing the games back to their indefinite 2023 release windows. Redfall hasn't been given a new release date yet, but it looks like it's coming later than expected.

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Suggests You Can Buy It, Industry insider Okami said that Redfall's release date has been delayed by "about 6 weeks". Okami now believes that Redfall's release date will be in May instead of March or April as previously expected. Okami didn't explain why Redfall's release date was delayed, but said they were "sure it's the best".

Redfall's release date may be delayed, this probably won't bother fans too much as Redfall never gets a new general release date, they have no real idea of ​​when to expect the game. This could actually help narrow things down, assuming the leaks are true, and it will be interesting to see if Redfall actually comes out in May. Fans can expect Redfall to be released as the first Xbox Game Pass game whenever it comes out, so it should be an exciting time for those subscribing to the service.

Adding daily games to Xbox Game Pass is one of the main reasons Microsoft bought Bethesda and related studios. Game Pass can also be invaluable for an unverified IP like Redfall, as more players may want to try it without having to pay full price to verify. Not only that, this game's Xbox Game Pass status should make it easy to host Redfall co-op sessions with friends.

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