Rocket League celebrates 7th Anniversary with Birtday Ball

Rocket League players will soon be able to celebrate the game's seventh anniversary with two-week limited-time modes and new content and rewards, including exclusive cosmetic items and XP bonuses.

Rocket League is a fun and exciting game that lets players play soccer with customizable cars and vehicles. Players can enjoy the game with their friends or have a chance to prove themselves among the best by switching to ranked mode. The new Birthday Ball event will allow all fans to enjoy special limited-time modes while earning exciting prizes.

The Birthday Ball event will feature two weeks of exciting modes and challenges to celebrate Rocket League's seventh birthday. The first week will feature two limited-time modes called Heatseeker, which “grants special homing abilities so it will always aim towards your opponent's target.” The second week is the week that allows players to use the Attack, Block, and Grab mechanics. Knockout will contain the mod. This mod will be available in Quadron, Carbon and Calavera Arenas.

The two-week celebration will also feature Birthday Ball challenges that reward players with 300 credits if they finish them all. Players can unlock the Gold GOAT Player Banner and Precious Metal Avatar Frame, offering other challenges, the opportunity to earn rare items or other valuable items such as 20.000 XP.

During the Birthday Ball event, Titanium White Fennec and Fancy Formal Fennec Decal will be sold as special anniversary items in the in-game shop. Two new gold items will also be available: Spyder: Anniversary Edition Wheels and Anniversary Edition Topper Hat. Players can also earn Golden Eggs to unlock Champions Series 1-4 items during the event.

The Birthday Ball event will take place from 6 to 19 July.


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