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Spider Man Remastered: How To Unlock Hidden Costumes

The Spider-Man costumes in Spider Man Remastered are one of the funniest parts of the remastered game, allowing you to both change out your outfit and get nostalgic about the classic look of the superhero swinging in the web. There are a variety of costumes you can unlock throughout the game, from the original Tobey Maguire movies to Andrew Garfield and the latest Spider-Man Tom Holland movies.

You only need to level up to unlock most of the costumes, so you'll be able to see them in the purchase menu. By completing events around New York, you can collect all kinds of Spider-Man tokens that will allow you to purchase costumes. You can also unlock some costumes by progressing through the story.

However, there are four different costumes that you can obtain only by completing certain challenges in the game. In this Spider-Man costume guide, I'll explain what the four missions you have to do in Spider man Remastered are, and what outfit to get for each.

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SPIDER-MAN Homemade Costume

Spider-Man Remastered Homemade

How to open: Collect all 55 backpacks in New York

Costume power: No power (Appearance only)

If you're a Spider-Man fan, you'll probably recognize the Homemade costume from the movies Captain America: Clash of Heroes and Spider-Man: Homecoming. This costume will become available after the quest "Something Old, Something New", where you find one of Peter's old backpacks. If you manage to follow the icons and collect all 55 of them from all over the city, this skin will be yours. Each backpack also unlocks a memento from Peter's past, so the quest is pretty fun if you like Spider-Man details.

SPIDER-MAN Undies Costume

Spider Man Remastered undies

How to open: Complete main and side quests, plus get 100% completion in each region

Costume power: Equaliser – Everyone drops on one hit, including you

This costume catches your eye as you play the main story and fight Scorpion. To get this costume, you will need to complete 100% of the main story and side quests, as well as quests such as backpacks, highlights, offenses, bases, challenges. There's a lot of stuff, but if you're good at dodging, the Equaliser's power is amazing because it only takes one hit to take down the bad guys.

SPIDER-MAN Esu Costume

Spider-Man Remastered

How to open: Successfully complete all 50 Secret Photo Ops in New York.

costume power: No power(Appearance only)

This task is a little easier than the others, as it only requires you to wander around New York and take pictures of 50 landmarks. These Secret Photo Ops are different from Landmarks, and many of them are fun little quests like Nelson – Murdock law firms or Vulture – murals by J.Jonah Jameson. After you finish them all, the costume is unlocked in the menu.

SPIDER-MAN Dark Costume

Spider-Man Remastered: Dark

How to open: Complete all Black Cat Stakeouts and find Black Cat's hiding place

costume power: No power(Appearance only)

When you complete the Stakeout main quest, twelve Black Cat lookout points will appear in New York. Go to each one and use the camera to find the hidden cat toy, usually by opening a door or window. They're pretty easy to find because they sparkle, and these toys have some kind of cat mural or Black Cat painting nearby. Once you have all twelve toys, you can go to Black Cat's hideout on the Upper West Side and claim the Dark costume yourself.


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