Splitgate's 2022 Pro Series esports competition includes a $500.000 prize pool

1047 Games is partnering with Logitech Esports Services to host a tournament where Splitgate players will have a total prize pool of $500.000 throughout the year. Each season of the Pro Series will offer over $100.000 in cash and prizes.

The games start on February 5, and the tournament organizers are also adding a new Challenger Series. The Challengers Series is for highly talented players in the community and provides a path to professionalism.

The games will be streamed on Twitch from February 5th to kick off the Winter Season. The three components of the Winter Series are; The Pro Series is the regular season, the Challengers Series, and the finals.

Each Pro Series regular season will take place over 1-2 months. There will be a total of seven matchdays, which includes a round of trials, quarterly season finals and regulation tournaments. Each of the seven match days will consist of four games, with each team playing one game per day. A full schedule of events can be found on the Pro Series website.

The Challengers Series will be a collection of events and will serve as the pathway to pro to the Pro Series. The competition is open to all Splitgate players who did not participate in the Pro Series regular season, and the top players will win a prize of $5.000. Competitors from the Challengers Series will also have the chance to displace a Pro Series team and participate in the next season of the Pro Series.

Splitgate is currently enjoying a successful beta receiving an update with custom maps, new game modes and a new Battle Pass.


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