Twitch Changes Ad Revenue

Twitch's ad revenue incentive program was controversially launched in early 2022 amid talk of splitting the creator's salary. The platform aims to make this more flexible and introduce a number of changes in the coming months.

Twitchentered a war with its star creators for revenue throughout 2022. After rejecting the increase in the 50-50% revenue share from subscriptions, the platform instead created a new “ad incentive program” that provides guaranteed returns for showing ads.

While some creators received six-figure monthly (in dollar terms) offers as part of the new initiative, many described it as “disrespectful” as it encouraged posting large amounts of ads at the expense of their content ⁠(more than 8 minutes of ads per hour). Some creators even received worse bids than existing revenue streams from ads under the new model.

The platform does not back down from its stance on revenue sharing and advertising. However Twitchplans some big changes to its 2023 ad incentive program to make the program more “flexible” for content creators.

Community marketing manager Mary Kish told Twitch users on Nov. “We are working to improve the ad incentive program for our entire community,” he said. 

This includes a number of changes, including introducing reduced ad density options so creators can sign up without having to post an excessive amount of ads.

“Some partners think their offerings have too high an ad density,” Kish said. “For offers this month and for the next few months, we're offering reduced ad density options. 

“For example, you will see an option a few minutes lower than the ad intensity you ran last month. Ad density options will continue to be available and we hope this helps. We want you to know that you shouldn't feel obligated to increase your ad intensity ⁠and you can also reduce your ad intensity and participate.”

The platform also offers publishers a monthly basis if they do not meet the airtime requirement for their ad offers. a percentage will be paid It reminded.

More changes are planned for 2023 and beyond as Twitch tries to delight its creators with its new revenue stream: “We are working on an updated, more flexible version of the ad incentive program. We think this will be very helpful and we will have more to share early next year.”

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